The Order of Everlasting Day

Welcome to the Order of Everlasting Day, a networked group of practitioners of the Western Esoteric Initiatory System (WEIS) as taught by Marcus Katz.

By Our Work we are Changed.



Our Tarot of the Everlasting Day is available and in stock.

The O.E.D. studies and works upon the methods of Western Esotericism arranged as a unique initiatory system mapped upon the Tree of Life and illustrated by Tarot.


The goal of our Work is to experience an increasingly congruent, consistent & comprehensive awareness of our relationship to (the) Universe.


Admission to the Order follows a succesful one-year self-study practice through the Crucible Club, which may be commenced at any time.


We encourage candidates to explore the material in our books and enter the Crucible.

The Worker is Hidden in the Workshop.


Frater V.