About Us

The Order of Everlasting Day

Teaching the Western Esoteric Initiatory System

The Order of Everlasting Day teaches the Western Esoteric Initiatory System as described in the Magister Vol.1. [presently being re-edited for a new edition].

The journey of ascent, methods, challenges and teaching are uniquely mapped to the Tree of Life and illustrated by Tarot, developing Mystery School teachings for the modern life.

Our approach to esoteric work involves significant psychological insight and breakthrough and in our experience, a period of psychological therapy is invaluable to assimilate
magickal learning.

In this light, we may recommend therapuetic support with a trained professional of your choosing during such periods.


Western Esoteric Initiatory System.

Our version of Western Esotericism and Initiation is a unique formulation of teachings which have been tested in consistent practice for over forty years.

We have termed it WEIS to emphasize that it is an initiatory system of radical changes in awareness and behaviour, rather than merely a mode of study.

Our aim is to use the maps delivered to us in order to escape the prison, not further wallpaper our cell walls.


The Magister

The Magister.

The Magister is a proposed series of 10 volumes detailing the history, structure and methods of the Western Esoteric Initiatory System.

The first volume was completed and published several years ago, but is presently withdrawn from printing to allow re-editing and re-purposing as a practical manual of instruction.

When re-published, the Magister Vol. I. will provide an essential companion.

Crucible Club

The Crucible Club.

In order to deliver our unique approach and for the student to discover it before making further commitment, we have created the Crucible Club.

This self-study course of practice has been refined over a decade to decant the essential style of our teaching in a manner which may be experienced by the student.

All those in the Crucible join a Facebook group with other students and our Order members for discussion of their Work.